How to know if your vehicle needs brake service or repair. 

All vehicles should have a routine brake service. Inspecting the brake system should be at the top of any vehicle safety checklist, and all drivers should be able to recognize when a vehicle needs brake repair. 

 We recommend all drivers watch out for these 5 signs you need to service your brakes. 

 Noise: A grinding, screeching or clicking sound is a sign of faulty brakes.

Unevenness: When the driver presses the brakes, the car should not veer to the left or the right.

Pressure: The car should slow down when gentle pressure is applied to the brake pedal. If it doesn't there may be a problem.

Vibrating: The brake pedal should not vibrate.

Brake Light: The brake light should not be illuminated, the only time it turns on is when your brakes need service.

Driving habits in the city or country will affect the condition of the brakes. Drivers in urban areas usually need a brake repair or brake replacement more often than drivers who commute in less populated areas. 

The quality of the brakes will also determine how often a car needs a brake service. Here at C & L Automotive we will be checking the entire braking system from condition of the brake pads to the rotors, hoses and everything in between. Your safety is our main concern.

A brief word of caution, if your brake pads get too thin you may damage the rotors. Which in many cases will double the cost or repair because we will have to replace or resurface the rotors as well.

So please get your brakes checked often to save you the extra time and money from additional repairs.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a brake inspection give us a call and talk with one of our friendly experts today!